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Guru - the life of Ambani?

07/09/2009 21:25

‘Guru’ – the life of Mr Ambani?
We had earlier written that ‘Guru’ being directed by Mani Ratnam and featuring Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Madhavan is based on late industrialist Dhirubai Ambani’s life. There are 3 reasons to surmise that ‘Guru’ is Ambani’s story. Like Ambani, Abhishek rises from poverty to business tycoon in the film. Ambani used to fill petrol for cars when he worked in a petrol bunk in his youth. Abhishek does the same thing in the film. We’ll check out the third reason later. Abhishek Bachchan refutes that ‘Guru’ is based on Ambani’s life. “I am doing the 3 stages of a man’s life in the film – as a youth, middle aged man as well as old man. From poverty in my youth, I become a rich man. But this film is not based on Dhirubai Ambani’s life.”